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Filters for compressed air, spin-on type. Interchangeable filter body, airflow rate up to 9.800 Nl/min. Maximum operating pressure 16 bar.

Four levels of filtration.


Friulair has designed disposable filter cartridges with the filter grade and the flow rate clearly mounted on the casing; maintenance is easy and reliability high.



1: Compressore
2: Tank
3: Pre-filter
4: By-pass
5: Dryer
6: Filter LFS
7: Filter LFX
8: Filter LFZ
9: Condensate drain

Four levels of filtration

Filtration grade Air quality Application example
P SERIES - 5 MICRONS Filter capable to separate emulsion and particles down to 5 micron Normally installed on the inlet of dryers. Ideal as pre-filter for on-line filters (series S – X – Z), and for vacuum pumps, pneumatic blowing plants.
S SERIES - 1 MICRONS Filter capable to separate particles down to 1 micron, liquid an oil included. Maximum contents of residual oil 0,1 mg/m3 Normally used on outlet of dryers as (X) grade pre-filter. Used to prevent the deterioration of the pipes of compressed air plants, for surface treatment, on vacuum pump exhaust, on compressed air motors, and as post-filter for adsorption dryers.
X SERIES - 0,01 MICRONS Oil removing filter capable to separate residual oil and extremely small particles down to 0,01 micron. Maximum contents of residual oil 0,01 mg/m3. It produces air technically free from oil. Used for the protection of control system, pneumatics haulage, painting system and as pre-filter for adsorption
Z SERIES - ACTIVATED CARBON ctivated carbon filter for the elimination of oil vapours and odour. When installed, after a (X) grade filter, it lowers the maximum contents of residual oil 0,005 mg/m3. Used in the pharmaceutical industry, for dental applications, in photographic workshops, packaging and galvanic


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