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NEW Free Cooling Tecnology

In compliance with the F-GAS regulation regarding fluorinated gases, Friulair offers the new range FCT (Friendly Cooling Technology) aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.
Available immediately for applications with compressed air flow rate up to 147.200 L/min (8.832 m3/h), the series takes advantage of the construction characteristics of the ACT series, already appreciated by the compressed air industry market, combined with the use of the R513A refrigerant with properties and performances similar to those of the R134a, but with a GWP equal to 631 (approximately 1/3 of the current R407C). Unlike other refrigerants with reduced GWP, R513A is non-flammable and non-toxic and therefore does not set any limits on the field of use of the dryer or on the installation procedures.
The FCT range offers performance and energy efficiency equivalent to that of the ACT series operating with R134a and R407C.

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The FCT series has been designed and built to facilitate any inspection and maintenance operations that may prove
necessary. The hoods are easily removed and offer immediate access to all parts of the system. The clear layout of the
components, the simple composition of the refrigerant circuit and the numbering of the wires in the electrical system,
facilitate the operator when carrying out standard controls.

The components of FCT range, from refrigerant to materials of construction, have been selected with maximum respect for the environment and their ability to be recycled.

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Our FCT are MADE IN ITALY, respect the environment and are certified according to the current quality standards.