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CWT Refrigerators

The CWT water chiller range was the first series introduced by Friulair for the air conditioning and industrial processes cooling sector. It gave us an opportunity to confirm the quality and design of our products, which are the result of decades of experience in the refrigeration industry – albeit in different fields of application.

The range was designed for outdoor installation and specifically designed to meet the industry application requirements, to provide accurate control of the chilled water temperature with continuous operation and absolute reliability. The range is air cooled with axial fans. It is composed of 13 basic models, covering cooling capacities from 18 to 128 kW (data referred to: water temp. in/out: 20/15°C - ambient air temp. 25°C).

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Refrigerant circuit and the expansion valve.

This is manufactured from top quality materials by skilled personnel according to strict procedures of brazing, compliant with Directive 2014/68/EU. It is composed of:

  • scroll compressors designed for use with R410A;
  • evaporator assembled from AISI 316 stainless steel brazed plate,
  • condenser assembled from micro channel aluminium ;
  • filter dryer;
  • flow sight glass with moisture indicator
  • external equalisation thermostatic expansion valve. The thermostatic expansion valve regulates the injection of liquid refrigerant into the evaporator. The injection is a response to the refrigerant overheating. The range of thermostatic valves that we use are designed for specific applications and are connected to the circuit via bi-metal brazing;
  • unidirectional valves (only for multi-compressor units);
  • high pressure switch with manual reset and low pressure switch with automatic reset;
  • high and low pressure manometers;
  • pressure connections for checks and maintenance.

Hydraulic circuit and circulation pumps.

This consists of an evaporator and interior piping to the machine, it also includes:

  • an storage tank made of carbon steel and thermally insulated;
  • an electric stainless steel, thermally insulated pump;
  • a water bypass to prevent incidents
  • caused by the erroneous closure of the stop valves;
  • expansion vessel;
  • safety valve;
  • automatic vent valve;
  • water-level sensor
  • water differential pressure switch;
  • stop ball valves;
  • inlet unit water filter;
  • manometer;
  • drain valve.

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Our CWT are MADE IN ITALY, respect the environment and are certified according to current quality standards.