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CWE Water Chillers

The new range of CWE water chillers are air-cooled with axial fans and consist of 19 basic models, with cooling capacities from 13 to 140 kW  (data referred to: water temp. in/out: 20/15°C - ambient air temp. 25°C) each designed for outdoor installation.

They are designed to specifically meet industry application requirements and provide accurate control of chilled water temperatures with absolute reliability of continuous operation. 

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Refrigerator circuit.

  • Scroll compressors designed for R410A;
  • Evaporator made from AISI 316 stainless steel brazed plate,
  • Micro-channel aluminium plate condenser (013÷068) Copper and aluminium condensers (075-140);
  • Filter dryer;
  • Flow sight glass with moisture indicator;
  • External equalisation thermostatic expansion valve which regulates the injection of liquid refrigerant into the evaporator. The injection is a response to the refrigerant overheating. The range of thermostatic valves that we use are designed for specific applications and are connected to the circuit via bi-metal brazing;
  • High pressure switch with manual reset;
  • Low pressure transducer with semi-automatic reset;
  • Gauges for high and low pressure;
  • Pressure connections for checks and maintenance.

Hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic circuit consists of an internal evaporator and pipework. It features a differential pressure monostat that protects the evaporator in case of a no water flow.

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Our CWE are MADE IN ITALY, respect the environment and are certified according to current quality standards.