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Industrial water chillers

The CFT range consists of air cooled water chillers with axial fans for outdoor installation dedicated to comfort cooling applications.
The family comprises of 8 basic models with cooling capacities ranging from 100 to 300 kW.

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Refrigerant circuit.

Made with top quality materials, conforming with directive 2014/68/EU. It includes dehydrator filter, liquid solenoid valve, liquid sight glass flow, electronic thermostatic expansion valve, manual reset high pressure safety switch, and high, and low pressure transducer, HP and LP refrigerant gauges, pressure plugs.


Hydraulic circuit.


Being developed for air-conditioned, the water system is highly configurable according to customer’s requirements. CFT are supplied for standard with water strainer and inlet/outlet galvanized steel pipes.


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Our CFT are MADE IN ITALY, respect the environment and are certified according to current quality standards.