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Air Fluid Coolers (Free-Cooling mode)

Friulair CDC range consists of air cooled water heat exchangers equipped with axial fans for outdoor installation dedicated to industrial and comfort cooling applications. For industrial applications, dry coolers are suitable for closed circuit cooling of various process liquids like food, power, process and general industries.
CDC dry cooler family (in Free-Cooling mode) consist of 11 basic models with cooling capacities ranging from 300 to 1200kW. The first six models, from CDC030 up to CDC060, are “table” shape type. From CDC070 up to CDC120 model, are “V” shape type.
The Free-Cooling modules arise to be the extension of our CWB-FC range, and can be connected in series to our big units like CWB or CWV or CFT where, due to the big cooling capacity, it is necessary to develop cooling units that are physically disconnected from the rest of the refrigerating machine, intended as a standard chiller.
If requested cooling capacity do not fit with standard CDC models, FRIULAIR s.r.l. is ready to dimension and select the the right dry cooler model according to the real needs of the customer.
The concept must be: if ambient temperature is lower than coolant requested temperature, customer will take very big economic advantage due to the energy saving provided from dry cooler instead of running refrigerant compressors ( Free Cooling ).
With a world that is constantly focused on Green Solutions, another advantage of installing our CDC is that they allows to work in a closed and pressurized hydraulic circuit; this concept, unlike cooling towers, avoid any liquid leakage and the reduce the cost of constant water treatment and plant maintenance.
Each unit is individually tested in factory to guarantee maximum performance.

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Our CDC are MADE IN ITALY, respect the environment and are certified according to current quality standards.