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The CCS type separator offers the advantage of a high efficiency, even with variable flow-rates. It doesn’t require maintenance, it doesn’t clog and it’s able to separate solid particles as well.


Inlet air flow is conveyed in the centrifugal type condensate separator. By means of a winged diaphragm, the entering air assumes a high speed rotary motion (CCS210 and larger). Therefore, due the centrifugal force, the condensed particles are projected on the lateral surface, where from they will be collected on the bottom, that is an accumulation reservoir for the separated condensate, the latter being expelled by the drain.



DETAIL 1 Upper end-cap
DETAIL 2 Inlet connection
DETAIL 3 Winged diaphragm
DETAIL 4 Anti-dragged plate
DETAIL 5 Outlet connection
DETAIL 6 Lower end-cap

Efficiency higher than 99%.
Max. inlet air pressure 15 barg.

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Our CCS are MADE IN ITALY, respect the environment and are certified according to the current quality standards.

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